Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving in/Digging out

We are moved in okay. We are just having to dig out of the garage the boxes to find out what goes where. This morning, Bob found our dishes, yea!

Yesterday went well with the first worship and sermon here; or at least I have been told it went well. I used the Mark passage to talk about the seeds God cast here in this church and community. And that God is still casting the seeds of the Kingdom here. I told them I don't know nothing about farming, that Bob did and they would have to ask him. My Lay Leader, June Montgomery led the worship and did a fantastic job. Thank you God for her. We did honor the dads, and I did talk about dads some in my sermon. Thank you for all your prayers.

We still don't have internet at the house, we have to work out some issues concerning the phone company and the parsonage. We looked into cable, but it was too expensive. We didn't get my computer hooked up at work either. Oh well, we will try again. So I am again using the Secretary's computer. Thanks, Kim.

I must say this is a lovely church building, with a beautiful sanctuary. The people have been so kind and welcoming, but of course, we are honey mooning.


mibi52 said...

Welcome to your new home! We're looking forward to settling in next month to our new place, so we can sympathize with you on how disorienting it can be. Looks like you landed in a lovely spot, though, and even though you're still in the honeymoon period, it's nice to get all those warm friendly feelings, isn't it?

Marty said...

So good to hear that things are getting put in their proper place. When the dust settles we'll be anxioius to hear how things are going. Of course we miss you and Bob...but Sunday School and the children's moment were conspiciously strange with the little China brigade missing. You, and your family, are missed!
I pray that all will be well in your new assignment and have optimism that the honeymoon will last a long, long time.
FYI, Martha and Jim fit right in. The sign company screwed up their name as well, so know that some things never
We miss you already,
Marty and all of us in Wadley.

SingingOwl said...

Glad you have landed, so to speak. I'll be watching for updates. :-)