Monday, June 26, 2006

Life without the internet

You know this could be a good thing not having the internet at home. I went all weekend without it. Played with the kids. Cuddled with the husband. (When was the last time we had time for even cuddling?) Even had some time to talk. Walked the dogs. Picked berries in the woods behind the house. I could go for this.

Just to let my friends know, Sunday the church installed me as their Pastor. They had never done that, but really liked it. All the leaders participated. They laid hands on me and prayed for me. Wow it was awesome. Then we had a reception afterwards. They had a spread of food. M-m-m. Really some good food. We had Sunday evening service last night, and some of the youth were there. Yea! They had a good youth program, and in the last couple of months lost the youth. It is my prayer, hope and work to minister to them.

Today is Kara's birthday. She has been hounding us since Saturday about her birthday. Even though we gave her a birthday party with her friends in Wadley, she wants another one. Shoot, I'll be lucky if I can find the gifts I saved for her actual birthday. Finally I sat her down and asked her what did she want, and she wanted just mommy-me time. So this morning we had mommy-me time. And then we took her to lunch where she wanted to go. Yep you guessed it, McDonalds. Got to go get a cake. Got to find presents. Got to have party. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you Kara. This is your second one you have got to celebrate with us, and we have gotten to celebrate with you. We love you sweet girl. Six years old today!!!

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Sally said...

How wonderful to be prayed for like taht, glad you enjoyed the spread of goodies too....
also is there really life beyond the internet??? I mmust get out of here!!!