Thursday, June 29, 2006

A sister in need is a sister indeed

Dear friends who read this blog, I have a prayer request for a clergy sister of mine. The clergy, Martha Hauer, who followed me at Wadley UMC was in a bad car wreck today on her way to the grocery store. They took her to UAB in Birmingham, AL. The word I now have from my DS is that she has a broke leg and chest injuries. She had a Huntsville tag and license so they thought she was from Huntsville and tried to find her family or someone there. Finally the guy who owns the ambulance company thought her name sounded familiar, but wasn't sure. He called his cousin in Wadley who told him she was the new Methodist Pastor, so they were then able to call her husband. The Lay leader, a good soul, drove him up to UAB this afternoon. I emailed the clergywomen of North AL, one of which is the Chaplain at Children's which is affiliated with UAB, she was able to get the oncall Chaplain to go check on Martha. So dear friends please say prayer for Martha, her husband Jim, her daughter, and the church. And friends always make sure you have proper id and numbers of family for them to be able to reach them if you are in an accident. Oh yes, please drive carefully, we are in a stressful job which cuts into our concentration ability.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad to know that Martha is going to be OK. The wreck looked like the outcome would not go her way. That goes to show that God is always our pilot... not co-pilot. We will pray for her and her family.

I hope all is well for you and your family. We miss you.

Wendy Cook

Songbird said...

How awful! Thank you for the reminder about making sure our ID is up-to-date and, heck, with us!

revabi said...

I miss you too. The kids miss their buddies. Hope all is well with you.
We are doing pretty good adjusting. Digging out of the garage, etc.
Hugs to you and your family, and mutual friends.