Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Joy and Tears

It has been incredible, both the joy and grief of saying goodbye. Sunday they hosted a luncheon for me here at Wadley and gave me a beautiful communion set with a mandate. The amndate was this "You start communion up at your new church as soon as you get there, never had we realized how wonderful it was to take it weekly until you got here." I think that's a pretty good mandate, don't you. The luncheon was great, more food than we ever needed. People from the community came in to say goodbye also. I was just speechless when they gave me the communion set. Kara said "Mom just open up the gift will you." So I opened it and just teared up.
I believe some how or another I will be serving communion with this set. Wow. Am I touched. I am so honored that they would think of me this way.


SingingOwl said...


So, are you going to change the name of your blog?

revabi said...

Iam thinking of it. I have no name in mind though. I was thinking of a naming contest.