Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prayer on a day like today

Dear God,
Thanks so much for listening to me the last days in my prayer time. Thanks for sitting with me in the silences. Thanks for your tender love and care.

God I have really enjoyed, well that's not really the word, but I have been fed by the weekly communion we share here at Wadley. It was with mixed feelings that I served my last communion with them. And yet once again you fed us with you holy spirit, the body and blood of Christ, and your grace. How can I say thanks for that. I will miss the weekly communion with the folks here, and pray for the hearts of those at St. John to be open to it.

God I find myself feeling anxious about the upcoming conference. I don't know if its because I am not going to it today. Or if its because I am moving. Or if its because I just don't care for sitting all day in meetings, and then rushing back here late Saturday night. But the truth is my anxiety has been up anyway these days. I am anxious about a lot of stuff and then I hear your scripture saying "Do not be afraid." " Be anxious in nothing..." "I tell you do not worry about your life," "An anxious heart weighs a man down..""Cast all your anxiety on Him.." So Lord, I cast all my anxiety on you, and ask for your peace, calmness to come in so my heart won't be heavy.

I think God it has a little to do with my need to control things, and when life feels out of control, or like now with the house a mess, I think if I just handle things, if I had control I can work it all out, and instead I get more anxious. So Lord, I think I better give all this back to you. And put my trust in you, and let go, that you know better about how to make this all work out better than I do. So God you take over before I make a bigger mess of things than I already have.

And God tonight my beautiful little Katy graduates from pre school, from the Day care she has gone to since she came to live with us. I am so proud of her. She is growing up on us. I pray for her that she makes the transition to kindergarten well. God, you know she has been struggling with not being the only child, and not having as much alone time with mommy as she once used to get. Help her with her feelings and behavior. Help me to guide her through this time, this development in her life. And then we have this other big transition coming that we are moving Lord, help her with that as well. Help all my dear children God as they go through all these changes, Guide me to parent them through this. Keep me calm and sane Lord.

Thanks God....

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Questing Parson said...

Ah, the kids will do fine. They don't have to deal with the PPR.

You'll be moving with my prayers.