Saturday, June 17, 2006

I am here in Florence

Yea! We are here, and getting settled. The movers got lost Wednesday and did not deliver our things until 9pm. Fortunately, the church members hung around until they did get there and helped unload. God bless them. In fact if it wasn't for the church members both at Wadley, and here, the move could have been a great disaster. I told the St. John people that God was giving us a lesson in patience when the van didn't show. LOL.

The kids are so happy with their new rooms and house. They even already have friends. Cool uh? However, we do not have a fenced in yard and we have dogs. Kara on Thursday stood with the back door open long enough for Lilly Bear to sneak out and take off. She was gone for four hours. Fortunately she hung out around the neighborhood. When we got her in she was hot and exhausted. She hasn't tried it again. But we do take them for wallks and that helps.

We don't have internet yet. I am using the secretaries computer and internet access tonight. I hope to have it set up on Monday here at the church, and next week at home.

Okay, the movers put everything in the garage, instead of the rooms in the house that the boxes were marked for. We have to search for the boxes to figure out where they go, and what to unpack right now. So far so good. Still can't find somethings. Luckily I had packed some suitcases with necessary items for us to have for at least a few days. And for the first night the church put us up in a hotel, because the house was not ready yet for us to live in.

Oh the adventures of moving. But hey, that's okay we are back where there are stores not 5 minutes away, resturaunts, a mall and movie theaters.

Pray for us starting out tomorrow for the first time here. Pray for me as I preach. Pray for the members as they to open their hearts to us. I am looking forward to it.

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