Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prayer for Sunday, Christmas 1A

Lord, We just finished with Christmas day and now we come to the Sunday after. But we also are about to step into the New Year. Wow it seems like life is moving so fast. We thank you for the birth of your son, the promise of new life he brought for us all. Maybe we didn’t get all the gifts or exactly the gifts we wanted, but we got the best gift of all; your son, your love, your mercy and your grace. Lord as we enter this New Year we pray we take those gifts with us. We are aware as we read the whole Christmas story that all was not easy for the Holy family, just as we face many hardships so did they. There are still many homeless in this world, just as Jesus did not have a home to be born into. Many have become refugees looking for safety, security and food, just as the Holy family became refugees from Herod and danger so long ago. There are countries where tyrants still rule killing their own people, just as it was during the time the Holy family lived under the rule of the Romans. Many today are also crying for their children and refuse to be consoled, because they are no more. It was not a safe world that Jesus came into long ago, and so we pray that Jesus would come once again for those who live difficult lives in hard times. And now Lord as we step into the New Year we recall your gracious deeds and pray that you continue to be merciful to us. We remember your compassion toward us and ask that you keep showing us your care and consideration. We remember your extravagant love for all and pray that you go on lavishly loving us. We never let go of your claiming us as your children and pray that you never let go of us, your children. Amen

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