Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prayer for Advent 1A

Lord, The world waited anxiously for the Messiah to come so long ago, and he came in the form of a baby, your son Jesus. That baby changed the world and brought salvation to all. Lord, that seems so long ago and now the world awaits anxiously your son’s coming again. Lord, we don’t know when or where or what the signs around us might mean. And we know we are suppose to be ready, but sometimes we grow weary of waiting. We prepare ourselves for the fulfillment of your promise. We wait in hope for your coming. We pray for your peace in this world when You will settle things fairly between nations, and make things right between peoples. We pray for your peace when all will turn their weapons into something useful but not for war. We pray for your peace when no more will nation fight nation and there won’t be war anymore. We pray for the peace you bring within families. We pray for the peace you bring within ourselves. We pray for your peace to come for those who are ill, those who are grieving, Those who are struggling, those who are suffering, and those who have been devastated by disaster. Even so Lord Jesus, Come. Amen cross posted at revgalblogpals

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