Saturday, October 05, 2013

Prayer for World Communion Sunday

God of all peoples everywhere, We celebrate that in you we are one We celebrate that in you we share in the one cup and one bread. We celebrate that in you our differences are beautiful. We celebrate our global community of faith. And yet we are aware that not everyone will have bite of bread to eat. We are aware that there are those who will not have a cup of fresh clean water to drink. We are aware that poverty has brought illnesses, homelessness, orphan hood and other desperate conditions to people’s lives. Wars, killings, and abuse still abound. Sex trafficking, slave trafficking, children trafficking is all around us. We as your body of Christ have the ability to address these issues. We have the resources. We have the heart. And we have the willingness. May we be the church that brings the changes to the world that people may know that you are the God of all peoples. Amen

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