Thursday, June 04, 2009

Family Picnic at annual Conference

We are recovering from our loss of our doggie. Everybody has been wonderful in their support and care, including you all.
For the first time my hubby and kids have come along to Annual conference. And for the first time they had a family picnic this afternoon for all the families. You had to preorder your meal, but other than that it wasn't that difficult. Chick-Filet provided the lunch. They had blow up bouncies for the kids, miniature golf, basketball, face painting, popcorn and children's music. I helped face paint and got my face painted by my kids. Got to see several of my peers and their families as well. Ran into the Bishop and his wife walking around. Saw one of my best friends who got hired away from our conference to work for Jurisdictional VIM. That was really neat. Tomorrow when everything gets started, there will be no time for socializing and fellowshipping. It will be all business and voting on the amendments. So today was special.
We got the hotel, and got settled. We then went out to dinner. We then came back and went swimming. Somehow or another, Kate cut both her big toes. She was pretty upset about it. they are going to check out the pool to see if there is anything around that she could have cut her toes on. We sure didn't see anything. Instead of going to the memorial service and to the clergywomen's gathering, I stayed with the family. It will be an early and long day tomorrow.

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Sue said...

I'm coming in late with condolences about your dog. I'm really sorry.

I hope tomorrow goes well and is a long, but good, day.