Saturday, September 29, 2007

College Game Day, Southern Style

You all know by now, I love College football. I love the possibility of the underdog team beating the champ. I love the excitement that is at the stadium. And wouldn't you know it, that today, yes, two SEC Alabama teams go at it agains two Florida teams.

Auburn takes on U of F Gators. Oh my it can be a big time game in the Swamp. (Cuz are you ready? Yeah I hear ya.) The odd makers give the odds to Gators. I think they are right. Auburn may have beat them last year, but Auburn is not the same team. Gators are still rolling over opponents after that loss, including winning it all last year. I wouldn't want to go in the swamp this year as an opponent. I hate to even utter the words. Go Gators! CHOMP CHOMP!

And then my alma mater takes FSU on the rising Tide. Yeah, Saban has the Tide playing so much better than it has in a long time. And they have even had some last minute wins. None of that helped them last week against the Bulldogs of GA. So here they come into Seminole territory to take on the Noles. The Noles are ranked. Their offense just stinks. They barely won last week. It is not the Noles of old. So Bama is ranked and slated to win. My guess is Bama wins. I still say this is Bowden's last year, of course I could be wrong. (Even old Papa of Penn State won't retire.)

Here is what I got to say about the Papa and Coach Bowden; I love them, they have done a lot for their teams and colleges and for College Football. They are good coaches and good men. But it feels like neither knows when it is time to retire for the team's sake. It feels like it is a competition between them two over the most wins as a coach at this point. It feels like they lost their perspective, their edge. Are they through all together? Probably not. Have they made a lot of money? You bet they have, and can even make more money with retirement, books, speeches, etc. So boys, give it up. There comes a time to step aside, and that time has passed you two by at this point. I am just saying outloud. Even my cuz has hit it on the head, you can't recruit the great young athletes to come to your team if they think you might retire anyday.
We love you though.

And who is the cinderella team from this weekend? It is going to be hard to take the award from USF . Can you believe how USF has been playing this year.

So who else is playing this weekend? Who are you pulling for? How will it all end up this weekend. It is a big weekend for some ranked teams.....

All I got to say, even though I think they will lose, Go Noles! (Coach Corso said it this way, Roll Tribe!) ESPN and others are saying it is the Tide that will win.


Deb said...


QB Antonio Henton is not playing because he drank a cup of stupid (or something) and is off team for a few days because he was arrested for soliciting (prostitution). There hasn't be too much of a stink about it ("boys will be boys") and this irritates me... manipulation and using women just raises my hackles!!!

Even though I'm a big time Buckeye fan, I hope they throw the book at him if he is found guilty!!!


Deb said...

Hang in there {{{{Abi}}}}


P.S. I was told by my prof today that "the truth hurts and if your sermon does not get a reaction, it is probably missing "Truth."