Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday College Football

I have no braggin' rights, my team, FSU lost to Clemson in the "Bowden Bowl" Thursday night. They were awful, just awful. I thought they would be better with some new coaches, but no. I'm thinking its Papa Bowden's last year, and son Tommy gets the nod. I could be wrong. Today they have their home opener against UAB, they should win.

They are saying the big game is Va Tech at LSU. But Va. Tech had better play a lot better than last week. You can say they had an excuse because it was their first game after the shootings. But LSU is just really rocking and rolling, and they are going to rock and roll all over Va Tech unless Va Tech plays better, and LSU plays down.

I think Miami(FL) and Okalahoma could turn out to be very interesting. No telling who could win.

And after being humiliated last week, will Notre Dame have a come back on Penn State? But if you remember Notre Dame beat Penn State last year? Or since they are playing in Happy Valley will Penn State be the happy ones?

Another match up is GA versus So. Carolina. Will GA roll all over So. Carolina or does Spurrier have an ace up his sleeve? They are playing in Athens, GA so my guess is it's GA's Game to lose.

As I am writing this, Marshall is leading over #3WVU. Did they take a page out of the play book from last weekend's Mich. loss? Will this last the whole game? We will see.

Could the same thing happen at the Akron - OSU game? Has this become the year of the little guy beating the big guy? Did Appalachian state set a pattern or was it a fluke? A game is four quarters and it will show in the end.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Papa Bowden is about 9 yrs older than dirt isn't he? Penn State can pull if off...i love the irish but last week was well...arg. i'm in big 12 country and quite frankly it's anyone's guess what will happen there this year...

hope you get a chance to put your feet up tonight...

net said...

In the words of my 23 month old Grandbabyboy: We Are "Pan - Cakes!"

And apologies to Daughter #1 an esteemed graduate of Penn State.

(When his father shouts "We Are," GBB shouts "Go Duke!")

QuakerPastor said...

thankfully Ohio State DID NOT allow this to become the year of upsets! GO BUCKS!

Deb said...

HUH. OHIO STATE WON (thankyouverymuch) 20-2.

I love the PANCAKES cheer btw - must let my OSU marching band buddies know...