Sunday, September 02, 2007

Prayer for Workers

Wonderful God, Mightiest Worker, Parent of the Carpenter Jesus,
We offer prayers for our brothers and sisters in labor.

As our labor serves others by providing services, goods
and profits may it also serve you in its diligence, dignity and justice.

May our employees and employers be
guided by the common good and not the selfish interest.
May justice rule over profit.
May safety reign over risk.
May love overwhelm harsh rules.
Bless us all, living God, and raise up workers clear of mind,

glad to labor in your name and striving together to
build your Beloved Community. Amen.

Adapted from a Labor Day prayer,

the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Book of Common Worship, 1946.


Tripp Hudgins said...

You know, I totally skipped the whole Labor Day thing in church this morning.



"PS" said...

Thanks for the wonderful prayers. Sometimes the Book of Common Worship does come through.

Serena said...

Yes .. thank you for sharing these prayers.