Saturday, September 08, 2007

St John and Angel Food Ministries

Celebrate, celebrate, we got the phone call yesterday that we have been approved to be a host site for Angel Food Ministries!

Over a year ago, one of the members came to me and said that he would like to see if St. John could do Angel Food Ministries. So what we did was start working with the Angel Food ministries at Edgemont UMC on distribution date. At first there was just a few of us, and then more came to help. After a year of working there to see if it was something we felt led to do and that we could, we proceeded with presenting it to the Admin. Council, and they voted to go ahead and apply for being a host. It took about 6 weeks to get approval.

I am so excited! The Team is excited! Tomorrow we will tell the church.

As Bob says we now have to get to work getting ready for the first time we are the host. This coming Saturday is distribution day so we will still be going over to Edgemont to work their site. Then we will be putting the details together once we get the package that the Angel Food Ministries is sending us about being a Host site.

Bob went over Thursday afternoon to Edgemont to see what they do to do the ordering and processing of the individual order forms. He came back in a daze. He said it was something to watch how they put it all together, but that we can do it with the help of people who can do math. Edgemont has been so helpful, they are going to share their software with us, and show us how to set it up and do it. They are giving us their old shopping carts to use.

I am just praising God today. God has been in this from the beginning for our church and I believe as we listen to God, follow God, obey God, love God, we will continue to experience God in the midst of this ministry.

If you don't know about this ministry, want to learn more, you can go to the Angel Food Ministries website. You can order their information pack which includes a video to view.
And if you want to ask me any questions about it, you are welcome to do so. I'll be glad to answer what I know or lead you to who knows. You click on email me in the links section or here is my email address

What are you celebrating today.


Rev. Dulce said...

My church is starting a new ministry this Wednesday. Our very first Mother's Day Out Program, pray for me.

I was very excited to hear that you are going to be an Angel Food host - Good for you.

I will pray for your ministry.

Cathy said...

This looks very interesting - went to the website and requested information.