Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Full Sunday/ A Full Week

Last Friday's Friday Five was on meetings. Reverend mother had mentioned that she had had a lot of meetings and it got her thinking about meetings. I had had quite a few meetings too along with other gatherings and events.

It is that time of year when the Charge Conference is coming and all the paperwork that comes with it, so it means meetings to get that done. Next month the Administrative council meets and so the committees meet to get ready for that as well. So it is a month full of meetings. Plus we have had some planning meetings for some ministries and other events being planned for the near future. October is looking to be a full month of some fun things, festivals, meetings, and ministries. Thank God Charge Conference is not until the end of Nov. It is going to take now until then to be sure we have everything together.

Well, I like a restful peaceful Sunday like anybody else. This Sunday was a full Sunday from the time of getting up until the end. First we had the Coffee Fellowship time, then Sunday School time, then Worship, lunch and then the children's school had Open House. Then we came back in time for the Healthy Church Initiative (Natural Church Development) meeting at the church.
And then we had Sunday night worship with age level activities at the church. Came home to get the kid's ready for bed. Some where in there we breathed I think. The kids had a busy day with all that too, except for the one meeting. They were tired too.

On Monday I was just plain exhuasted. On Monday it all started up all over again. Last night we had a really good Nominating team meeting. I am headed to a Board of Ordained Ministry Meeting this morning. It will be neat that the WEOs (Women Eating Out) will eat out tonightl. Then a finance meeting. It is just as hard on the church members and their families too. I pray we all make it through this month, get some down time, some recoop time, some God time and some family time as well.


Rev. Dulce said...

I had my Nominations meeting last month and everyone has agreed and the new people have been approved. YEAH!! Now for the bad part, I have yet to have the budget planning meeting and that one will not be fun. So I feel your pain but I'm not going to worry about it until after I come back from Houston.

Take your vitamins, eat your Wheaties, and take some time for yourself.

mompriest said...

Jimminy crickets - that's busy...I hope you get some down time, or at least remember to take some deep breaths.

Questing Parson said...

I was going to make a comment on this but then I remembered I had a meeting to go to.

Songbird said...

Abi, wow! I hope you will have some space for breathing someplace along the way.

Brother Marty said...

I think you were this way in Wadley too! Go Go Go, and it will all fall in place.
I think of you this time of year as we go through all the charge conference stuff. You were such a "git-er-done" pastor. I know you're doing the same in Florence (as testified to by your post).
Thinking about you....