Monday, September 03, 2007

For my Knitting Friends

I don't knit. I wish I could, but I forgot what my grandma taught me so long ago.

I sat in a seminar the other day, watching three other women knitting while listening to the speaker. I went over and talked to them about it. They told me they seemed to remember more from seminars, meetings and lectures when they knitted than if they didn't. Now that's an idea. I did have a Chaplain friend that did that too. I instead doodle away, pages and pages of doodles.

But I wanted to post this for my knitting friends, especially those of revgalblogpals. And by the way the women in the seminar were clergywomen, but not part of revgalblogpals. I really need to start carrying a card around with me that has the revgalblogpals on it somewhere.

In the latest Guidepost that I got Thursday, there was an article by the author Debbie Macomber called "Stitch by Stitch". In it she writes about SIX reasons knitting is good for your soul, with this advice: What’s good for knitting is good for living.
The six reasons are as follows:

1. Get hooked
2. Follow a pattern
3. Take it stich by stich
4. Don't worry over loose thread
5. Click it together
6. Give it away

These come from her latest book: Knit Together Discover God's Pattern For Your Life.

She also has her own blog with a Knitter's Club. (Don't know how she does all she does.)

She also knits for Guidepost's Knit for Kids.

Okay is all this coincidental or serendipitous? Is God saying something to me about knitting? And who is going to teach me? Go check out the Debbie Macomber in the latest Guideposts if you are knitter. I think I'll have to check out knitting after all, or do something with my doodling.


Cathy said...

I do believe there is a seed being planted there. Knitting... good for the soul :)

JWD said...

As a seminary prof, I've noticed more and more students knitting throughout class. Apparently it is fantastic for ADD/ADHD students. I think it's brilliant.

Mary Beth said...

I'd love to teach you! Or, come visit me this weekend...

We are having a gathering at church this Sunday called Knit, Knip, and teach folks to knit and crochet who would like to learn. There will be lunch served (thus the nipping and noshing) and hopefully we will get more folks involved in our campaign to knit 400 scarves for the Austin Street Shelter, which we serve, by early November.

I think you would love it, Abi!

revabi said...

Thanks friends

earthchick said...

I would love to teach you, too, if I weren't like 800 miles away! I learned from the videos on - so if you really get interested but can't find anyone live to teach you, you can always go there.

And it's funny, I just ran across the Debbie Macomber book at Borders yesterday!