Monday, September 03, 2007

The Organizational Elves

Yesterday, the organizational cleanup elves visited our house. They began in the living room, swept through the formal dining room, and ended in the parent's bedroom. I can't figure out what brought them to our house, or why they got started even. I can't even figure out why they chose the rooms they did. But I will say those rooms really look good now.
They came back this morning to help the male of the house dust and wipe. It must be magic because the big male started picking up the family room, dusting and wiping. And the little male picked up the little toys and such that were scattered all around his room. And the little females did likewise with their room. The big female blogged about it, because she was in shock, she is the one who usually does the picking and cleaning up, and the elves told her to sit down and do nothing. Imagine that.
I hope the elves start coming on a daily basis instead of once a year. But I am grateful they came. I also hope they will go out in the garage and work their magic. There seems to be a lead female elf who is really good at what she does.
Wouldn't you like the organizational elves to come to your house?
Thank you little organizational elves, come back again real soon!

I'll take them since the elves of Middle Earth were unavailable at this time, maybe next time.

The top painting of the cooking elves is by Sebastian Theilig at the Harry Party Lexicon


Serena said...

Oh How Nice! Yes, please, send those little organization elves my way next.

"PS" said...

Can you send those my way????

zorra said...

Do they do yard work?

I didn't know you had worked as a counselor. Yes, I would like to hear why (and how) you left your practice. If you'd like, please email me at heelergrlatyahoodotcom.

Deb said...

Never mind yard work, will they do the shopping and buy groceries and take kids to after-school activities??? I need a chauffeur elf!


revabi said...

Serena, I am sending them your way.And you too PS. Yep Zorro they do yardwork with the adult male. I'll send you an email. Deb,sad to say, these elves aren't old enough yet to drive, although one of them asked if they could drive today. Heck they can't even see over the dashboard yet.

Carmen Andres said...

i know i'm late on the uptake here, but is there any room in their schedule for me?! while i am very relieved school has started, i feel like all i am doing is running around stomping out fires. ack.

teachergran said...

Very late on this comment - I'm getting caught up on my reading now that my daughter is slowly recovering from a difficult birth (and baby and 3yr old grandson are sleeping!) I dread going back home to all the things that need an organizational elf (more like an army of organizational elves!), especially after a month's absence!
Deb-sounds like you're very busy, but I can assure you there will be a time you miss the chauffeuring (though maybe not the grocery shopping). I find myself volunteering to drive other people's kids around now that my youngest has her license too!