Wednesday, October 03, 2007

High Water pants

You know your kid has grown when the pants that hung on him last year, and you had to cuff, now are high waters.

You know your kids has grown when the next size jeans you put on him are too tight.

You know he has grown, when the shirt has a gap between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants.

You know he has grown when you find rips in shirts he has put on.

You know he has grown when the clothes just don't fit anymore.


gavin richardson said...

and here i thought it was just the teen fashion sense coming out. i think i need to do some parenting classes at church on how to properly dress ones child. &:~)

Diane said...

great thoughts! 'course now it's in style to wear them that length.

Mary Beth said...

praying for you :)

mompriest said...

Oh gosh. And then it happens like every day for months. It seems like every day they've grown an inch or two up or out... usually out then up or up then out...yeah. been there. My son is 15. He's in the middle of this up-out process. Yeah, it's freaky to see this happening to your little boy. Who one day is no longer a little boy. sigh.