Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The stress of the day

Today I am aware of how stressed my family is. This move has uprooted us all from our dear friends. My little girl, Katy was crying this morning about missing her friends. Kara's anxiety was really high at lunch and she couldn't sit still or be quiet. Zachary was being all boy, and yet argumentative with the girls. Bob was spacing out. And I well I was yelling, trying to get controle of something or someone.

we tried to go for a walk, but that turned into a disaster. I just wanted to run away from them all. I was finalizing the bible study material for tonight on David's and Jonathan's friendship, and I started to feel that ache within of missing my friends, still aways away from other friends, and having to start anew.

When we left Wadley, Kara told her dear friend Theresa, who is an adult, that God would send her a new Theresa. I thought, boy does she get it, that God does provide for us. Well, God you sure are taking your time providing me with friends. And I sure could use one with the stress in our family, the new beginnings, the changes, the work at the church. And God so could you send friends for my little ones, they sure could use some friends.


Songbird said...

Praying for new friends, large and small.

Purechristianithink said...

What are we, chopped liver?? ;~)

revabi said...

No you are not chopped liver. I knew someone would take it that way, and I probably should clarify. I am talking about f2f people you know that you go to lunch with, that you do things with. I love you guys a whole lot, and am getting to know you a whole lot, but where do you live? Do you have friends where you live that you spend time with? I am sorry if I hurt your feelings or left you out, that was not the intent of this note.

SingingOwl said...

Yes, I understand. Still lacking in friends myself...real lfie ones...and I've been here for six years. Hope that does not happen to you. There are so many Rev Gals I wish I could hang out with in person!

revabi said...

Thank you singing owl for the support. 6 years, wow, I went 5 years at last appointment. Will pray for a friend for you.

I have lunch tomorrow with a clergy woman who is serving a church and campus ministry. I am so looking forward to being with her.

And yes there are so many of the revgals I would like to meet f2f. I met a few at the Homiletics in Atlanta. It was sweet. Hope to meet you sometime.