Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Raining

Oh my it's raining here.
What a beautiful site to see.
It's also, lightening and thundering so
no going out to play in it and feel it on your face.
But thank God it is raining!

If you look for me today at my blog
I won't be here. I'll most likely be blogging
over at revgalblogpals Saturday Party.
And if you call or come by the house, I won't be here either.
I'll be at my office finalizing my sermon.
(Wrote a bit of a rough draft yesterday.)


Lorna said...

love this post! (grin)

see-through faith said...

love this post! (grin)

carmen said...

there's nothing like a hot, Southern summer to make me appreciate rain -- glad it made it your way! blessings.