Friday, July 14, 2006

The Israel-Lebanon situation made personal

I was out visiting homebound church members today, and so really had not kept up with the news. One church member told me she had been watching the news trying to figure out the Israel-Lebanon situation.

After I got home we took the kids to watch a movie at the $1.50 theater. So really I was without knowledge of what had transpired today. So I decided I would catch up by reading what was on the web, once we put the kids down for their bedtime.

I have to tell you I found the most interesting, riveting, chilling site throught a MSNBC article. The article talked about how contributors in Israel, Lebanon bring war to life in frequent-flier forum. So I followed the link and read their postings, and those who were keeping up with it all. It is really worth the read.
So if you just want to go to the forum here is the link to it.

on Wednesday when “Dovster,” a regular contributor from the northern Israeli kibbutz of Yiron, posted that he had been awakened by “a rather loud exchange of artillery fire.” In the hours that followed, Dovster pieced together what he saw and heard with local news reports. Then “BEYFlyer,” a regular forum contributor from Beirut, posted that the conflict was quickly spreading northward. “Woke up this morning to the sounds of rockets exploding on the airport runway,” he wrote. “… Roads south of the airport are severely damaged and bridges linking Beirut to the South are out. Traffic is non-existent in the city and I think the electricity and water stations will be next.”

The most recent post from BeyFlyer — whose online signature concludes with this quotation from Mahatma Gandhi: “An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind” — on Friday morning was even more ominous: “Going off line... this is getting (to be) a bit too much.”

I appreciate Mike Brunker reporting this site and what was being said there. Go and read. My prayers for those who are in the middle of this, persons who have family and friends in both places, and for those making decisions.


Carmen Andres said...

thanks for this. i'd been seeking some hook with which to hang my thoughts and this is a good one. i've linked to you on my blog (and quoted a bit of your post, i hope that's ok). blessings.

revabi said...

Carmen yes it is okay. I posted on yours as well about your thoughts on the MidEast situation. I hope we see more. I have been following the forum since it begun. Worth the read.