Wednesday, July 26, 2006

God on the beach

I wish I had a picture to show you. But then I am not sure the picture would really capture it. Today I was with my three kids at the beach. I would stand in the water with them while the waves were breaking around us. They were holding onto me and scremaing everytime a wave came. Then there was giggles and laughter when they got knocked down or the wave pulled them a little bit. Then they wanted to dig in the sand and make sand castles. I sat in the beach chair watching them from not far away. More giggles and laughter. Zachary would dig up the sand and put it in his bucket, smooth it over and then dump it out. He was most intense, yet happy as he did this. Katy and Kara were scooping up sand and water then throwing it out. After awhile they gave up on that and were laying down in the water as the waves came at them. More giggles and laughter.

As I sat there, and even as I write this, I am tearing up and crying tears of joy that I am so blessed with these wonderful children and such a wonderful moment. I rejoice to see them having a good time, laughing and being happy. It is a good moment that I want to cherish. I see the beauty and differences in each one them, how God has made them unique individuals. I thank God for the blessing and for these children. For the time on the beach with them, and for time on the beach with God.
Yes God is on the beach, but God is in the home too.

Hi God, it isn't "From a Distance.." or "What if God was one of us?" You are here, you are close you are one of us. Help me not miss you okay.


Marty said...

Bless You,Abi, Zack, Kara and Katie (Bob too),
Thanks for that inspiration from the beach. These are memories that your children will never let go. Bless you for giving them to them...and sharing them with us.
I wish I were a kid again, with coastal beaches as a memory. I'll cherish the memories I have, but these guys have something special working in their memory banks.
Enjoy the rest of your vacation....while poor Bob works!


RarGonia said...

enjoy every moment! They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that Jess was a preschooler on the beach and next month she starts high school! My "spiritual challenge" these days is "living in the moment and sensing God's presence in each one"