Monday, July 10, 2006

Do not look up at a meeting

I have always been told if you don't want to volunteer for something don't look up and into people's eyes. So I have been practicing this since I was taught this nifty maneuver. And it has worked well. Usually I end up being volunteered for something, given a task, made the group leader, etc, and could never figure out why. So now I don't look up, Duh I was always looking up, looking into people's eyes and faces.

Well, I promise, I was not looking in people's faces or eyes or looking up at this meeting. There was no way to do that, there were too many people. But it didn't matter. I was the one of two ordained women at the meeting, and people knew who I was. And what happened. Yep, I now am one of the clergy on the District nominating committee for this new combined district with lots and lots of other clergy who could have been put on this committee. I give up, I am not even going to go to meetings any more. Although that doesn't work either. I have found out because I missed I was put on a committe or elected chair or something else that nobody else wanted. Maybe I'll just disappear.

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