Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rant time

Can I rant? Oh please let me rant. Tonight at the Pastor/staff Parish Committee meeting, we did several things. First we counted answers to the survey the committee did in order to find out the direction the church should go in as far as hiring staff. And secondly we interviewed a candidate for the Youth Minister Position. On one of the surveys, which had to do with hiring, this was written in the comment section; "I think the Pastor should do the announcements and welcome during worship." All together the committee and I said; "Please." I am sitting there thinking, what does that have to do with hiring staff? I know I should know that answer, but I am too tired to pull it out of that hat. And we have a lay worship leader who is willing and able to do those things. Okay, so what about this don't I get, or don't want to get. At Wadley, I did everything, it was more like the Abi show. It is exciting here to share some of the worship leadership role. I think it is also pleasing to God. I am into that empowering the laity thing, not depowering them. I think that was Jesus did empower not depower. Okay off the rant box. Your turn.


Mary Beth said...

I totally agree that, no matter your denomination, it's important to have lots of people involved in the worship service. (Of course I don't know the rules & rubrics of all the denominations, this is just my opinion!)

We (TEC) have lay readers, lay servers at Eucharist, etc. I think having a layperson give announcments would be great. It's not the pastor's set of announcements, after's the community's!

I'm considering how that would be at our church (our priest currently does the announcements) - it might never change, but it could be cool if it did.

Occasionally we have laypersons speak during the announcement time about special topics - scrip program, mission trip to Gulf Coast, etc. - and it is a great change to hear from other voices.

revabi said...

Thanks Mary Beth, I have been in churches, and watched enough on tv to see that they are about the Preacher to know that people then are not participating in worship, and worship means worshiping God, but that it is the preacher show, its entertainment, and its about worshiping the preacher. I know too long of a runin sentance. I would like to see different people do more leadership as well. I realize probably some older member wrote it. I like how you said it too, and I may put it in our news letter. I hope your TEC involves more laity as well.