Monday, July 03, 2006

More on Bishop Jefferts Schor

I received an email that told me that Diane Rheam interviewed the Bishop Jefferts Schor on her show for NPR on June the 29th after her election. You can go to the link and click on real audio, Windows video, or podcast if you want to listen to the show. Or you can order a transcript, cassette, or cd of the show.

Apparently she had been very active at all levels of the diocese as a layperson before becoming a priest. So those contacts and network played into her being made a Bishop. You go girl. (Can you say that to a Bishop?)

I have to say I have a lot of respect for the women who have become Bishops in our denomination, the United Methodist. It was a bit of a shock that there were two elected in the SouthEastern Jurisdiction. I sure would like to see a few more women DS's in our conference. We have one.

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RarGonia said...

Abi, me too! It would be great to have more than one "token" woman on the cabinet!