Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some bits of wisdom for the pastor

I found a wonderful website called Pastor Hacks, by Bobby Hyatt. It is a lot like Life Hacks, 43Folders and Parent Hacks.

The idea is to increase your productivity as a Pastor, to help you understand new technology and how to use it. He also uses as a resource one of my favorite books of recent, and one that I have been using David Allen's Getting Things Done. He also quotes from George McDonald's book "Ordering Your Private World" like this one: "If my private world is in order, it is because I have begun to seal the "time leaks" and allocate my productive hours in light of my capabilities, my limits, and my priorities." and this one; "If my private world is in order, it will be because I have made a daily determination to see time as God's gift and worthy of careful investment." He titles those "memo to the disorganized." I am that disorganized person. He also has quite a bit on using the IPod.

So Pastors get yourself to the website to learn all you can to be able to become more productive.

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