Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chaplain to the Fashion Industry

Anglican Priest to Bring Holiness to Fashion World

This is actually not a humorous article, but it would be humorous if my appointment was to be Chaplain for a college of Fashion. I only say this, because those who know me, know I am not a fashion plate. I do know how to dress well, but I don't like to take the time to do it everyday, especially in this heat. You can tell I have somebody to meet, some meeting, some conference, somewhere to preach or something like that by how I dress. Take today, I have slacks on with a blue denim shirt on with the Camp Sumatanga logo on it. So where am I? I am in the office working on the bible study for tomorrow night and the sermon prep. (The church's air conditioner needs repairing.) I might change for tonight though, the women are going out to eat, and then I have a finance comittee meeting. I will look up what colors will say what, and choose accordingly.

Now if you really want to find out about how to dress, then go to Beauty Tips for Ministers. This woman says it all. I have even begun to take her advise to heart. And Clergy men she includes you all too. And what's great about her, she does it with a sense of humor, prayer, and love. Perhaps we should suggest The Rev Joanna Jepson of the Church of England go read the Beauty Tips for Ministers blog before she makes an absolute fool of herself and the Anglican church.

Seriously, what a risky thing to do, and the Jesus thing to do to reach out to those in the Fashion Industry. Wouldn't it be great if we all would take a risk and reach out to those in the very industries, and walks of life that we instead condemn. But that would be too much like Jesus, wouldn't it. And we wouldn't want to be criticised like he was by the Pharisees for hanging out with sinners, and "tax collecters" or be accused of being a gutton, or a drunkard.
(Mat 9:11, 11:19). No sirree, not me. Oh, God forgive me that I am not willing to risk that now. God give me courage to be like you and hang out with whomever you would hang out with. Prayers for the Rev. Joanna Jepson as she moves to her new ministry in Sept.

This is a little from the article: The Rev Joanna Jepson of the Church of England is swapping her full-time ministry as curate of St Michael’s Church, Chester, for the glamorous design studios of the London College of Fashion where she is hoping her new role will help the church to take a first step into an industry that exerts enormous influence on society."The fashion industry has a huge impact and influence on vast numbers in our society," she said. "It has a particularly powerful role in shaping the self-image and views of young people, and it's important for the church to be involved with this type of community. It's amazing that it hasn't had this link before."

"We cannot merely remain in holy huddles in parish churches. It is imperative that there are more of these kinds of chaplaincies that reach into cultural networks and communities, which would otherwise be untouched by the church."

I think she is right, we can no longer remain in "Holy Huddles". Why was Jesus so successful? He went out and was with the people more often than he was in his office, meetings, etc at the local synagogue. God get me out of my office, meetings, study groups, "Holy Huddles" to where you are, your people are. May I have the courage that Rev. Joanna Jepson has, and other have had to go out to the highways and byways of life.


Purechristianithink said...

Oooh! Oooh! I'm feeling a call to chaplaincy at a culinary institute of some sort---or maybe simply Corporate Chaplain to Krispee Kreme. No seriously, this is a bold step and I wish her well.

Carmen Andres said...

i saw an article about the fashion rev as well -- but, sheesh, i couldn't have blogged about it as well as you! great stuff, abi! blessings.

revabi said...

You know, I think any of the culinary institutes could use a Chaplain. Krispy Kreme? m-m-m. Now there's a thought.

You could go and sit in Krispy Kreme and do Chaplaincy to all the customers, and workers. I think.

And Carmen, I am so glad someone else saw the article. Thanks, I try.

SingingOwl said...

Do you suppose that this might eventually filter down so that I never have to look at another stranger's backside dimples? Ah, I can only hope for the day.