Monday, July 03, 2006

Further news on Martha post accident

A member of the Wadley Congregation sent me an email update on Martha and the church. Wanted to pass it along to you all along with other news about her.
The email from Marty Schwartz at Wadley made feel good about them, and their relationship with God, and their care for Jim and Martha;

Martha is managing to grind through physical therapy and the issues associated with that. But, she maintains a sense of humour about it all, while on a morphine drip. What a wonderful person she is...but only with the support of her husband who is the greatest encourager ever imagined. Her situation has pulled the congregation together. It is somewhat awkward, in that she is barely here and she is gone for the next month or so....if not longer. Please keep Martha in your prayers. Please.Guess who it has fallen upon to be the pastor, in got! God is working in me in ways I've never imagined. Not only have I taken on the responsibility of being the lay speaker coordinator for Roanoke, and all points north...but I have the responsibility of being the local pastor in abstensia for Martha. Please keep me in your prayers....PLEASE! I've deffered to the PPR committee and the DS, Paul, to determine what is best for this congregation. I'll gladly step aside if asked, but have been endorsed by the church to lead in Martha's absence. I will do what I can, in service to our lord. Again, please pray for me. We had the honor of having Rev Paul's new administrative assistant, Jim Robertson, speak at today's service. I was out of town when the arrangements were made and I thank Paul for his decision. Jim gave a great sermon and all were moved by it. I led worship in Margaret's absence and was honored to do so. Friend, please pray for me as I embark on leading our congregation through the unforseeable future. My efforts may be overtrumped by Paul, but I think not. They like me and my style, so I'm answering the call. While I feel so unworthy, I'm equally compelled to serve. Again, pray for me. We held a healing service for Martha after the regular service, and I was amazed at the turnout. ( I mentioned this on your blog ). Abi, the Holy Spirit was indeed present. It was one of those experiential moments that one would have to be there to feel. I'm so encouraged by the love and support of our congregation. I don't think there was a dry eye in the bunch. Isn't the Holy Spirit wonderful?!!! The only thing missing was........YOU! With that, I'll close. Again, pray for me as I pray for you in your position. I'm utterly humbled by our congregation's vote to make me the interim pastor. I only pray that I serve faithfully and in a manner pleasing to our Lord. Thank you so much for nurturing me and mentoring me.

Some of the clergy women and DS's have gone to see her, and they said her spirits were good, she was alert, and handling the pain with her morphine button. She has a neck brace on now, has one arm in a cast, and the other connected to many tubes. She also has a fractured eye socket. So keep her, the family, and the church in your prayers.

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