Sunday, November 05, 2006

Inside of sacred space..

Inside of sacred space you are indestructible, even though you feel quite vulnerable and unsure of yourself in many ways. Inside of sacred space you can love America and critique America at the same time. Inside of sacred space you can weep for the bigger evil of which both sides are victims. Inside of sacred space you can imagine an alternative universe because you have now been there yourself. Inside of sacred space you can - if you can dare imagine it - hear God.
- Richard Rohr

This little quote that I got in an email recently, really touched my soul. I needed to hear it. I don't think I have a sacred space in my life. I think I need to find or make some sacred space.
I do know there is a place inside of me that I do weep. There is a place inside of meI feel my vulnerability. And inside me I do try to hear God.

But with little kids that sacred space is hard to access. And with full time work it is hard to access that space. God bring me to the Sacred Space in me.


hipchickmamma said...

thanks for sharing a beautiful reminder of something we all need.

good luck creating or finding your sacred space!

i also wanted to say thanks for all the support you've offered me. i love reading your posts and responses at my site. thanks so very much!


MicahGirl said...

Truly inspiring quote...

the reverend mommy said...

I'm personally building my own sacred space in my bedroom where I can sit and read the Bible and light candles, I understand the need.

the reverend mommy said...

And I am coming back to that quote over and over again. Funny how something like that sticks with you -- or how maybe the Holy Spirit is whispers to you, eh?
I hope you have a good night and can sit in a holy space for a while.