Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh My Aching Tooth

Friday Five: Nothing But the Tooth as at revgalblogpals by songbird.

We are in the throes of what will (hopefully) be the final set of braces in this family, and so my mind is on the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Please share your thoughts on the following:

1) The Tooth Fairy She's a cheapskate these days in our house. I like the Tooth Fairy from the Tim Allen Movie, Santa Clause II,who then becomes TheMolinator. The Tooth Fairy in our family seems to forget that there was a tooth lost that day and put under the pillow.

2) Flossing Used to hate it, but must do it to avoid worse problems with my gums. Have discovered the ready made flossers and use those extensively while driving, watching tv, working on the computer, and and.....

3) Toothpaste Brands Whatever is the cheapest or the brand on sale, except Bob can't use certain types so I think it is colgate.

4) Orthodontia for Adults Whatever turns you on or your teeth, or if you need it, or your parents couldn't afford it when you were a kid, or you want a mouth make over, or your childhood Dentist didn't think your mouth was bad enough for them, and so the Dentist you have now says you better get it done. I sucked my thumb for a long time as a child, and everybody told me I was going to ruin my teeth. As far as I have been told I have not done so. But I have had several adult friends who have had braces as an adult and were pleased. Can be helpful for TMJ!

5) Whitening products The OTC ones are a waste of your money, and mine. Better to get the Dentist to do it. In fact I have a very yellow cap on my front tooth (a story for another day) that would take professional whitening, and matching the white of my teeth. Oh bother, it seems like a big expense, a big headache. But I guess if it was necessary I would have it done. Those commercials really make me mad.

My Bonus We are in the process of paying a lot of money out on teeth too, but for bad teeth. They do not make the kids brush their teeth in the orphanages, nor does China have flouride in the water like we do. Zach's teeth are horrible, everyone of them. Plus, Bob's teeth are bad too. He grew up before the day of flouride in the water. He then was in the military where the dental care was a little lacking in his days. His teeth that are not capped are crumbling.

But on the worse side of things is what Meth does to people's teeth and mouths. November 5 watch: Meth: Kiss of Death The Learning Channel (TLC) will broadcast “Meth: Kiss of Death”, a 60-minute documentary that chronicles the lives of several methamphetamine abusers and which also shows how the dental profession can respond. The show features original footage along with 3-D animation that takes the viewer inside actual meth mouths and graphically illustrates the side effects of the drug on teeth and gums. The program debuts November 5 at 9pm EST, on TLC, but check your local listings for times specific to your area. The program will also repeat November 6, 29 and 30 at various times.


Sue said...

I saw a program recently about a town that had been really devastated by meth. One of the local dentists was working on a young man's teeth, and people in the community were paying for it so that the young guy could keep his job. It was so sad that such a young person was in this bad state, but inspiring to see the community help him out.

Songbird said...

Oh, Abi! So much tooth pain!
I found I had a much harder time remembering the third child's lost teeth, so you are not alone.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the info on the meth program - meth is rampant and is so destructive.

zorra said...

My dad once told me that dental care in the Army in his day consisted of: You have a toothache. The dentist pulls the tooth. End of story.