Thursday, November 16, 2006

Deep Calls to Deep

This morning, I went for my mammogram. It was not as painful as some I have had. I was not going into the office yet, because I was going to Zach's preschool for a Thanksgiving Feast. Well, as it turned out, I had some time on my hand. Imagine that time on my hand, boy its been awhile. What to do? I had my laptop with me so I thought about going to the library and working on my sermon, or bloggin or surfing. But that didn't appeal to me. The mall and other stores were just moments away. So I went to the new Kohl's store to look at the New Balance walking shoes they had on sale. I ended up looking at everything they had. But I didn't buy anything, I had to remind myself we have no extra money for these things. I decided my old shoes would do, until we begin getting Bob's paycheck, and get some of our bills and debt paid down. (Remember, I am walking now.)
So I left Kohl's and went to Books A Million to look for a book that had been suggested for me to read, "Writing Down the Bones". But they didn't have the book, so I kept looking at the various books in categories I like to read. I saw quiet a few, I would like to have, but again I reminded myself, we just don't have the extra money, and I got books I haven't finished yet. Book stores can be dangerous to my pocket book, just ask my husband. But as I was browsing, picking up books and reading them, I began to experience some sensations. I began to feel relaxed, a sense of being taken away, a sense of going inward, deeper within, centering, a peace coming over me. A thought came to me, that recently I had a reoccuring thought, "Deep calls to Deep". I had not known what that was about, and yet here I began to experience my depth getting in touch with the depth of the other, God. I began to experience the deep. I allowed myself just to experience it, just to relish it, to see where it led me inside myself. It seemed like it was a long time, and yet, I had plenty of time to get a cup of coffee, and go to Zach's preschool. After the thanksgiving lunch, I went back to my office and continued the meditative state, the deep breathing, the mindfulness. I realized how much I had missed and needed this, and so journaled about it. God's deep had been calling to my deep that was calling to me. I am so glad I had that time today, that quiet, that browsing, that peace. Next time, maybe it won't take so long to get me to answer God's call....or listen to me.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. Psalm 42:7

I will give you the treasures of the deep, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord..." Isaiah 45:3


1-4 Grace said...

Thanks for sharing nad thanks for the reminder that I too need to listen to God's calling in my own life. I also love Books-a-million and can spend hours there.
Hope yo uwill find more times to sit, listen, meidtate and be still...knowing that God is God.

HeyJules said...

I love it when that happens!

the reverend mommy said...

Amen and Amen.
If we skip that time, too, I believe there is something within us that begins to starve. Just sitting (or walking) and thinking; chewing things slowly and allow the rest of the world flow around us.
I hope you get this on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Hi RevAbi,

So glad you took the time when it came. Our Lord is so gracious to "descend" as it were to allow us to come in the stillness. I so love His presence.

I have read Writing Down the Bones, and I think it will inspire anyone to write. Although the author comes from a decidedly non-Christian background, I enjoyed the encouragement to write she gives. I need to re-read it I think.

Anyway -- blessing you,

smkyqtzxtl said...

Thank you for sharing today. I was meditating on manna. Provision we take for granted, things sustaining us that we don't think about unless they are taken away, like fresh air, for instance. I was at work yesturday and suddenly began to breathe in and out and enjoy the sheer pleasure of the clean freshness of it (I stepped outside for a sec), the clearness of the colors of the greens on the evergreens because of the rains we have had and cold sharpness of the wind. Sometimes I focus too much on what I can't have or buy or afford and not enough on the presant of the Presence. Blessings and Thanksgiving for you

Rachel Rev said...

Thanks for this beautiful post.

And thanks for the comment on my post. I have been speeling well lately...

Barb said...

Ah, blessed mindfulness.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, and have now made yours a favorite.