Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Your Holy Week Marathon has been interupted by...

A sick child. Yes, my new little one Zachary woke up at 2am with high fever and wanting Mama. Mama then took him and held him. Dad administrated the motrim to hopefully lower the fever. At 6am we gave him tylenol. At 11am we were in Doc's office with him, while he cried and cried, and was burning up. The Nurse Practioner(NP) found some external infection in the ear which calls for ear drops which I have. Then they tested for strep because his tonsils were swollen and red. No strep, thank God.
Then blood work and the obligatory pee in a cup. He was really good with the stick,
Didn't like it but who does. Gave him motrim. The urine showed he was dehydrated, tell me something I did not know. Started talking about hospitalization. I was ready to do it right then and there, but the NP wants to wait and see if I can get him to drink. I told her he is probably not going to drink. Of course he immediately goes to the water fountain and drinks. Thus I am home now with very sick child, whom I still think is going to end up being hospitalized. But I'll wait. By 4 she should have the results of the blood work done too.
There goes any concentration I have for Holy Week practicalities, and the Easter Sermon. There goes blogging, which I had planned to do. But more importantly, Zachary is sick. Say a prayer for Zachary, please.

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Quotidian Grace said...

Poor little Zachary. Hope he feels better soon--prayers going up!