Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday. A day of quiet and reflection. A day before the big blow out of Easter Sunday. We don't do a Easter Vigil in our tradition. I usually have gone to an Episcopalian church for the vigil, but there is not one in Wadley or really nearby. I miss that part of Easter worship.
Today, we instead will have the proverbial Easter Egg hunt. I do have to share this with you though, a woman in my church is hosting the hunt on her huge property. I cannot believe it. When I came here, she was so negative about everything, and would not do anything, or give anything extra to the church. She is an older woman who had been hurt by past Pastors and members. She remained a member of the church barely. But as I have been here she has been doing a little more in the church, offering herself and resources more, being present at church. She sure will tell you like it is or how she sees it like it is. I am grateful that she has come to being more involved again. I pray that it is a good Easter Egg hunt today, and that the heart of this faithful woman continues to grow in her servant attitude. People say that older people can't change, don't know people or the work of the Holy Spirit.

You can click on the title Holy Saturday to find some info about this day. Here is another link I found to perhaps use as a meditation on art . This is the Daily Reflection April 15th, 2006 by Andy Alexander, S.J. from Creighton University.
Here is another link for the Daily office from the The Mission of St. Clare . I may be filling you up with a lot of Meditation, but I will be using them myself today. If you have a family, you might go here, and here scroll down to Saturday. All Hallows Leeds has devotionals for Holy Week; scroll down to the one for Holy Saturday. Here is an article Eugene Peterson wrote about Holy Saturday for the Christianity Today series called "The Great Reversal."

Here are some of my favorite places to go on the web to meditate, pray, and seek God's word:
Sacred Space by Irish Jesuits. The neat thing about this site is you go at your pace, there are guides if you not sure what to do, and it is also in other languages.
Daily Prayer online by Catholic News. You can use all the resouces available to pray or you can use what you want.
Like praying the Celtic way here is one offered by the Northumbria Community, it has the Daily Office for the different times of the day.
Here is one for you Genxers out there, "I must be one, but of an older age, so it must be an attitude of state of mind." I do so like this Daily Office.
And lest you are beginning to think, Abi, Vicar of Wadley, must not be Methodist, I point you to the U. M. Upper Room, a very fine daily devotional.
There are a lot of other wonderful devotional sites, meditation sites, bible reading sites out there. I invite you to being to use at least one of them on a daily basis.

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