Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Commercialization

I feel guilty after reading the posts about the commercialization of Easter. I probably have not fought it off that hard for my kids. And frankly I don’t plan to. Katy and I have dyed eggs, hid and hunted the eggs over and over again, given her a stuffed bunny, something “Eastery”, and something Christian. Last year I gave them the new Veggie Tales video about Easter, watched the thing over and over. This year didn’t really buy any toy, and not much chocolate. But we did dye some eggs, and we will hid and hunt them over and over. (I will say, we still find those plastic eggs everywhere.) I guess I believe in moderation in these kind of things. I don’t believe in depriving my kids, but neither do I believe in going whole hog, if you will. There were parents today, that were taking their kids to as many Easter Egg hunts as they could. That’s a little much. But yes, my girls get a new dress, and shoes, I didn’t this time. The boy already has new clothes, doesn’t need anymore.

Hre is how to say Bye Bye to the Easter Bunny. Here is a father who had too much of the Easter Bunny for his own liking. In Touch ministries offers some ideas as to how to change what has priority in your home, the Easter Bunny or Jesus.

And you have got to check Purgatorio out for the absurd of Easter.

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