Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My own life coach

Or out of the mouths of Babes,
Today, at supper, after handling a phone call, taking care of the three musketeers, doing laundry, working, etc; we were discussing said phone call. It is a person who calls here regularly needing help or wanting help. Our church has a food bank that we open once a month. It is basically the only food bank in this area. This person lives in one of the nearby towns, but is unable to drive over here for various reasons. They always call me and ask if I or someone can bring a bag over on the day of the food bank. Well, needless to say, food bank day is a full day. (a long story). At dinner I said I wish they would get one of their friends to drive him over to the food bank, that I can't always get over to that town. I can't do thngs at their command.
My perceptive bright 5 yr old, at that point said; "Mom why don't you just tell him no, you can't come over to him." Then she smiled at me. I looked at her, thinking; this girl has common sense beyond her years, and little assertiveness to boot. I then said to her; "Katy that is a brillant idea, I think I will do that." She just beamed. My new life coach.

You got to know, I am not good at saying no. I mean to, I plan to, I practice it....but it doesn't always come out no.

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