Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey Vicar Abi, What's the news?

The news is that two things;
1st I am gone to Goldsboro, North Carolina for training at the MERCI center for the North Alabama Conference Disaster Response team. (How did I get myself into this fine mess.)

Secondly, It is that time of year that may be the most anxious for United Methodist Pastors and churches. The big question is will the Pastor move or stay. Last year I was suppose to move to the Big City in one of those Big Steepled churches. After everything was made official, and announced, the move was taken away. The church and I had already begun the grieving transitioning process, so we had to change directions and deal with a myriad of feelings we had with the cabinet. We were able to do that and move forward. This year we both stuck our necks out for a possible change. Yesterday, the PPR chair announced that the change was official that I was moving and a new Pastor was coming. Now I don't need to tell you I am holding my breath due to last year's events. I have not packed a thing this year, last year, I had packed quite a bit. This is really sad.

So here it is, I am moving to Florence, AL to serve as Pastor of Saint John United Methodist Church. Okay, how far from the Big City of Bham can they move me? (Both Kara and Zach see Medical Specialists in Bham.) How far across the state, can they put me? How far from friends and family can they move me? There are some good things; Apparently, Florence is a great place with good schools, medical facilities (maybe a job for Bob, a P. A.), a University, a river, (The Tennessee, yea, we can take our boat.), the church is bigger and in the burbs, near Huntsville, (where there are several UM female clergy), clergy friends in Florence, a library in the town I live, Target, a mall, fine eatery; hey this is starting to add up! I really don't know anything about the church yet, but I will. I will keep you informed.

Bob, get those packing boxes down, we are moving! Call the moving company.

Oh I still promise pictures of the beach, I just ran out of time last night. I made a visit to the hospital, my church member should be coming home from the hospital today, This morning, I got a plane to catch in Bham, 2 hours away.

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