Saturday, April 15, 2006

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Well, we did have a good time hunting Easter eggs, eating hot dogs, laughing, and having fun. We had a good little crowd of children and adults, considering we have a small church. We divided the groups up with the little ones from 4 down, and the big ones, 5 up. The little ones did great, of course they had the parents helping. Zachary was really finding the eggs, he caught on quickly to what you are supposed to do. But then he decided to quit after a certain amount. (He still found the most eggs of that group.) While we were waiting inside for them to hide the eggs, I told the kids the story of Jesus, his death and resurrection. Kara kept asking me; Did Jesus really die? “Yes, Kara Jesus did die”. I also explained as best as I could, the connection of Easter eggs. One parent said, “I didn’t know that.” I am not sure I had it exactly right, but pretty close. I am going to look it up and make sure.

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