Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Diving In

I'm Diving in. Its the only way to say it to fit what I have done, and will be doing. I have refused to go do a diet program for a long time. I have done them in the past and just put the weight back on. I have yo- yo'd with my weight most of my adult life. The best I have done was after doing a program at the hospital I worked at and I kept the weight off for 3 years. But I cannot keep going the way I am going, with the weight I am presently at. I will have some major health problems if I don't do something. And so I dove in. I went to weightwatchers today and joined. Tried all week to get there, and just could not pull it off. So I went today. It was a little weird, I guess because I felt anxious. It was hopeful because people were losing weight. I have three older people in my church who have been going and have lost a lot of weight. I was so impressed because it gets harder the older you get to lose weight. So here I go, trying their plan. I chose the flex plan because I am so busy and not always at home to cook the foods. I asked Bob if he was going to do it with me, but he has already lost weight, the stinker.
So I also know by blogging about it, I have put myself right out there in the open in front of everybody. I was also impressed the what they have as suggested goal for weight loss was not as much as I thought it would be, its doable in increments. It looks like a healthy target weight. I can't believe I dove in, when I swore I would never do another diet plan. But if this helps me lose weight, so I can be healthy, and I learn some healthy eating, and living, more power to it. So who else wants to join me in getting healthy?


net said...

Good luck, Abi!

Cathy said...

Oh yeah... I need to do this. Need to push away from table - rethink what I am eating and HOW MUCH I am eating.
This might be a good idea to walk the path with others!

revabi said...

Thanks Net, I will need all the support I can get. As usual I have already boobooed this morning, oh well.

Cathy, having others walk the path with me is part of why I went to weightwatchers, I have tried alone, and just don't have the stamina to keep it up. There were several friends that come together, walk together at the meeting. I'll be thinking of you also.

thank you both for your comments

Abbey of the Arts said...

Hi Abi, I support you completely in this. I also have decided this year my absolute first priority will be my health. I gained a lot of weight after my mother died three years ago and have felt stuck since. I have given up on diets, but do love this one book called The Slow Down Diet --not a diet at all, but 8 great principles for transforming your relationship with food (that according to the author affects your metabolism as well). I do know many people with great sucess at WW so it really is a matter of finding what works for you and sticking with it, but also being gentle with yourself. I cheer you on and look forward to celebrating victories together virutally!
Blessings, Christine

pastornines said...

I belonged to a pastor's support group, lectionary style, that met early in the morning - great conversation, a little study, a food, always food. I finally decided that the support I needed most was muscle support and I wasn't going to get it sitting on my tushkis eating. I haven't lost a lot of weight, but my morning power walks have improved my outlook, my sense of humor and my stamina immensely. I highly recommend laying out the exercise clothes and shoes at night before you go to bed so that there is one less excuse in the morning. I know for me that if I don't get moving first thing it doesn't happen. Keep at, Abi. You are sooooo worth it!

revabi said...

Sacred Center, Thank you thank you. And thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out.

I told my husband that weight watchers has come a long way since its inception and when I used it.

The only thing they do not touch on is the spiritual. But thats okay, thats what my spiritual director is for.

I'll cheer you on, encourage you, whatever you need as we make this journey into health together. Go Christine, Go!

revabi said...

pastor nines,
Way to go to get up off your tush and walk er power walk. I used to every day and lift weights, and ride a lifecycle, yoga, don't like aerobic classes. You have set an example and encouragement to set my clothes out and get that walk in early. I was going to walk today, but it is raining. I'll instead go over to the gymn and walk. Maybe it will clear up this afternoon and I'll go again.