Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day by the Numbers

Who Are We Celebrating?
151 millionNumber of people age 16 or older in the nation’s labor force in May 2006. Among the nation’s workers are 81.2 million men and 69.8 million women.
Employee Benefits
82%Percentage of full-time workers ages 18 to 64 covered by health insurance during all or part of 2004.
77%Percentage of workers in private industry who receive a paid vacation as one of their employment benefits.
In addition: 77% of workers receive paid holidays.
14% have access to employer assistance for child care.
11% have access to long-term care insurance.
Another Day, Another Dollar
$40,798 and $31,223
The 2004 annual median earnings, respectively, for male and female full-time, year-round workers.
When Do They Sleep?
7.5 millionNumber of workers who hold down more than one job. So-called moonlighters comprise 5% of the working population. Of these moonlighters, 3.9 million work full time at their primary job and part time at their other job.
28%Percentage of workers 16 or older who work more than 40 hours a week. Eight percent work 60 or more hours a week.
Mothers in the Labor Force, 1955–2004

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