Saturday, September 16, 2006

The College Football Games of the Day

I know, I know, I am a Pastor.
But if you ask me, I am a fan of college football.
And when I lived in Wadley, I fell in love again with high school football. Wadley had a great football team for its division, and a great football Coach in Randy Sparks. My husband still follows the team, and knows that they are 3 - 0.

But, I love college football. I used to love National Football, the pros. I still watch them, but they don't hold my attention anymore. Perhaps it is because I have lived in the great state of college football, Alabama. Perhaps it is because my Alumni has done so well over the years. I love the feel of the air, a little coolness, the excitement of the fans, the colors, the food, tailgate parties, the discussions that go on all throughout the week. In Alabama it is all consuming. It is a religion. And you are either for Alabama, the Crimson Tide, or for Auburn, War Eagle. At the churches I have served the first question is, "Who are you for?", and you know what they mean. They don't mean are you for Jesus, or are you for Bush, or are you a Liberal, or are you a democrat? No, you know it means are you for Auburn or Alabama? Fortunately I have been able to say, I am for FSU, although most still want me to choose.
Well, okay, my best friend was an AL fan, and when we were in Seminary, up late studying she would play AL fight songs for us. I learned to like AL, and of course Bear Bryant was there and they still were winning. Then I moved to AL to work, and Bear died. One of the women from church that I got to be friends with, would take me to the Auburn games, her brother, got us free tickets. I learned to like Auburn. Right now, I know Auburn is probably the better team, but I don't care for how they treated Bobby Bowden's son, and I don't like Tommy Tuberville, their new Coach. I like Shula, but the team is just not a very good team. So I'll say, I don't care for either. Give me FSU.

When I go home to Florida to visit, you have three teams to choose from, Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes, and the FSU Seminoles. In my family you choose between Florida and FSU. I am sort of the outsider being for FSU. I cannot stand the Gators, although I will admit they had some good teams under Spurrier, and I do like Spurrier. I cannot stand the 'Canes because of their cockiness. I like Coach Bowden of FSU, I have at times liked the team, but right now they are not very good. My cousin, calls them the FSU criminals, for all the players who have committed crimes and played there off and on. Yep, they have had more than their share.

All that to say, today is the Bowden Bowl with father playing the son at Tallahassee at 7:45 on ESPN. Its actually Clemson versus FSU, but has become known as the Bowden Bowl. The prediction is for FSU to win. But look for Clemson to play up to FSU. Could be a defensive game to the end. You can go to FSU game day to keep up with the game. Go 'NOLES.

The other big games of the day are LSU (6) versus Auburn(3) at Auburn at 3:30pm on CBS. Auburn is predicted to win. They are saying this is the game of the day because of its big impact on the SEC and perhaps the National Championship. They're both ranked in the top six, have blown out their first two opponents and harbor legitimate national title hopes. It could be an interesting game to watch. This will be helped by the 12th man, the fan factor.

Then there is Michigan(11) versus Notre Dame(2) at Notre Dame at 3:30pm on NBC. "One way or the other, a flock will be converted. There are still some doubters out there about Notre Dame even after a 41-17 whupping of Penn State and disrespected, tough 14-10 win over Georgia Tech." (Borrowed that line from Fearless Predictions on Fox Sports. All the predictions come from Fearless Predictions on Fox Sports.) As you can see Notre Dame is predicted to win this one. And why not they have "touch down Jesus" on their side, and a few "Hail Marys" thrown in. I don't think any one is calling on the Pope today though. Don't leave Michigan out, they really have a point to prove themselves. A fight to the end.

Also, another really big game is between Nebraska(19) and USC(4) at USC at 8pm on ABC. The prediction is for USC to win. But they have some distractions with the media making accusations against their former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush. Also, Nebraska can be that Cinderella team today. We'll see right now USC is the best team to beat or so some say.

An for my cousin's team, the Florida Gators(7) take their game to Tennessee(13)at 8:00 on CBS . They'll be out of the swamp and the volunteers may be shooting for Gator meat instead of being Gator bait. However the prediction is in the Gators favor so it may go the other way. But watch out for the 12th man at Neyland stadium. It will be a long tough 4 quarters for both team. It will go to the team that really got their game going.

Ahh, a College game day made in heaven for college football fans. So what does one do to watch this many important games, and all the other games? I had a friend who had 4 tvs set up to watch the different games with. You can even keep up on your computer now days. Matt Hayes at Sporting News writes about how you can keep up with all those games with more tvs. Maybe you should go to a sports bar today, only don't drink so much and eat pleanty of chips and nuts.

Maybe one day I'll blog about Football as a religion in Alabama.


T said...

Rev Abi-I look forward to the Nebraska game. Im a huge Cornhuskers fan. I believe I was destined to be a Huskers fan. Maybe someday Ill blog about why I believe that! Go Big Red!!!

Cathy said...

did you graduate from FSU? I did!

net said...

Oh Abi! In my book, Steve Spurrier ranks right up there with the Plague! Not a class act! When he coached Duke and took them to their first bowl game in a VERY long time, he chose to announce his defection to Florida THE DAY BEFORE the bowl game! How unclassy is that! I've never been able to forgive him that move.

Oh well!

Go Penn State!

the reverend mommy said...

At our house, it's always the Georgia/Georgia Tech game.
Sting'em You Yellow Jacket!!
Let's Go Jackets!

revabi said...

t thanks for posting about your Huskers on my blog.

Cathy I did graduate from FSU

Net, I forgot about his sin against Duke. I wonder how long it will be before he sins against South Carolina.

reverend mommy, I didn't know you were a Ga Tech fan?

And last of all I am in mourning, nah not really, FSU lost, which is what I was afraid would happen. They have not played like a team, and until they play like a team, they will lose or win poorly. But I will say this, poohey on the referees they made a bad call about the fumble recovery. That's all I got to say.

Dr. Tony said...

When I was growing up, we spent some time in Alabama. I did't play football but I played in the Junior High band and we learned to play some of the Alabama fight songs.

When you grow up in the South, you learn real quick that football is religion and there is nothing else. It is not just the Alabama - Auburn game but there is the 3rd Saturday in October when Alabama and Tennessee play. Nobody gets married that weekend because they are too busy watching the game.

Like you, I used to enjoy professional football but after I began officiating high school games and Saturday elementary school games, I gave that up. There were too many Saturdays where we had to remind the coaches that it wasn't Sunday and the rules that applied on that day didn't apply to the elementary school game we were doing.

Now, I root for Iowa, the school where I got my doctorate (I also root for Missouri and Truman State since I am an alumni of both those schools as well). But I root for Iowa because Hayden Fry was the coach for so many years. You have to root for a team whose coach paints the visitor's locker room pink.