Monday, September 11, 2006

revgalblogpals hit the big time

At the Christian Century, Susan Olson has written an article about her experience blogging and being part of the revgalblogpals.

It is a really good article about the variety of persons who are part of the revgalblogpals. I am one of those who was isolated but have found a community with the revgalblogpals, and I have learned so many things about the different denominations. I have laughed, I have cried, I have been moved deep within about God in our lives. I have read people's writings that are so creative, they could be writing novels, or books. Perhaps one day in the future people will read some of their writings and think they were some of the spiritual masters of their time. I have met a few of them this last year at a conference which was fun in itself. I have been invited to visit them in their homes in far off places and not so far off. I Hope to visit them at some point. I have found new books to read, fiction and nonfiction. I have related when I have heard their stories of ministry, family, and everyday life. And yes it is a community, a community that enriches my soul and life. If you are looking for that kind of community see if revgalblogpals is for you. (As Susan Olson says, they are not all reverends, and they are not all gals, but they do blog and they are pals.)

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