Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Football

Saturday Football

It’s a beautiful day outside.  The crisp fall weather makes me want to go outside instead of being inside finishing a sermon for tomorrow. I would love to be sitting in a stadium somewhere cheering the college team on to victory. Hey I could go down to the  stadium where UNA plays.  

But here we go with what’s happening on a day like today in the world of college football.

Auburn has already played on Thursday beating that upstart team from South Carolina. The only thing is, Auburn can’t get any respect. Wonder why?  And that has Tommy Tuberville calling the Media and the Pollsters on the carpet. Auburn needed a last second defensive stand to win. (Sounds familiar.)  But you know what they won and they keep winning. They have a good running back in Kenny Irons. Auburn in now #2 and is undefeated in the SEC and  5-0 overall. It was an important game in their bid for the championship.

You got to admit that the Ohio State Iowa game is pretty big. Ohio State is #1 and will have to watch for Iowa trying to upset them. They will have to take nothing for granted. They are predicted to win. But the Hawkeyes are a good team at 4-0 and #13. They got drubbed last time and may have some revenge on mind. But frankly the Buckeyes are just bigger than big and a good #1 team.

The other Alabama team is playing one of the Florida teams that also has the smell of payback on it. Last year Alabama had a big win over the Gators. It may not be the big rivalry, but it has gotten to be one lately.  Gators are #5 and playing well. The Tide got beaten last week by one point all to a missed field goal, well actually 4, but whose counting. The Tide are not playing well, they look sloppy, and nonchalant, but last week’s loss may have changed all that. Look out Florida but you got the Swamp to your advantage.

It is time for the Little Brown Jug game of Michigan versus Minnesota. Michigan is #4 and had the huge win over Notre Dame. It could either be a very boring game, or a nasty little game for the Brown Jug.  Michigan is predicted to win. I like watching this game usually although I don’t think I am going to get to due to the kids watching movies today.

There are two big games in the SEC today involving Mississippi teams. You’ll want to watch #9LSU go after Miss State in their home field.  LSU is predicted to win, but be sloppy doing it.  They got a game they are looking ahead to next week with the Gators.  The second big game tonight is #10 Georgia Bulldogs gunning for Ole Miss. Ole Miss will be cheered on by its faithful fans, but in the end the Bulldogs will rule the day.

There are some good games this afternoon as well. In the ACC GT is playing the VT. #11 VT will win, but it will be a good game because #24GT has to avenge for last year. Home field advantage should help VT, and its good team.  This good be a pivotal game in the ACC.  

Notre Dame is at Purdue. I love to watch Purdue scratch it out. But Notre Dame is #12 and is picked to win. The question to ask is why is Purdue not ranked somewhere, they are 4-O, and have a good offense? Perhaps that question will be answered today.  Notre Dame will have to do a better job protecting the quarter back.

Other games of interest are; #3USC vs Wash. State.  #21Nebraska vs Kansas.
Questions to be answered is will Joe Paterno and/or Bobby Bowden retire?

Enjoy your Saturday, enjoy the Fall weather, and hope your team wins. Mine is not playing.


Gary Wood said...

Next week, Oklahoma woops up on Texas!

Sally said...

hmmm it is thundery here and although our soccer season is well underway everything has been rained off- we even have flood warnings!