Sunday, April 27, 2008

Runyararo - A Song for Zimbabwe On Easter 6A

Was thinking of writing a prayer but found this on You Tube.
Here are the words:

Runyararo (means "peace" in Shona*):

Hold your hand out, child,
hold your hand out and I'll fill it
I know it's not much, but will it do?

It's a big world and we're two small people in it
If I could change it, I would for you
But all I have is love

Lift your head up, friend,
lift your head and don't you worry
Somehow we'll find a way to make it through

Put your gun down, man, cause we're not here for fighting
We're simply surviving, much like you
And all we have is love
All we have is love

Ooo, Runyararo
Ooo, Runyararo

Let your pride go, sir, let your pride go and help fix this
There will be no claiming, you never knew

Are you watching, world, do you see the people dying?
And are you trying, to do all you can do?
Have you not love?
Have you not love?

Ooo, Runyararo
Ooo, Runyararo

© 2007 Leesha Harvey
She wrote this song after speaking with her Mom who lives in Zimbabwe. She told her many stories of things she has seen in the past few months, and while thinking about these stories this song was born. The photographs are all from Zimbabwe--most of them are ones my mother has taken.
Go listen to Leesha sing this one and some others. Most are original and recorded on her own.
The video
DISPATCH: ZIMBABWE - The Story inspired her as well.

The Gospel scripture today is John 14:15-21

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1-4 Grace said...

Beautiful words, Abi! Thanks for sharing.
Hope all is well at your end of the state! Look south and wave! I just waved at you while facing north