Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What no retreat?

Well wouldn't you know it, I didn't go.
All day, I kept hearing this thought, "Don't go, stay here."
My visit to the my member in the hospital took a long time, they were giving her blood to build up her strength. And they are trying to figure out what is going on. And She has been going back and forth to the hospital recently. Lots of family was there.

By the time I left it was late and I had a headache. I realized my body and my head did not want to make the long trip down to Camp Sumatanga, even if I wanted to. I stopped by the kid's dance studio where they were having lessons, and told Bob I had decided to stay home. Went home to get some meds and quiet. (Dance studios are noisy places.) Then went to the girl's softball game, which is noisy too. Came home and went to bed early. I feel better this morning, but there is the left over residue from the headache. Got lots to do.

I am sad I missed this retreat, and my friends. The saving grace is that vacation is around the corner beginning on Saturday. I just am going to have to be sure to get some more quiet time and not busy time on the vacation. You know with kids along that's a dream, unless Bob takes them for awhile somewhere. We may have to negotiate this since he will probably want some down time too.

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United Method said...

sorry you didn't make it to the retreat - but I hope you get lots of rest anyway!