Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WIM friends check up on me

Wow, I got phone calls, and emails from the women at the retreat wondering where I was and why I wasn't there. Its a wonder they didn't send a posse out after me too. That really feels good to me that they missed me and were that concerned. I missed them too. I called down to Camp Sumatanga to let them know the reasons. And sent an email. You can't call cell phones down at Camp Sumatanga.

I have been taking a bit of retreat here by going to bed earlier, getting the rest I need. I am feeling more rested. I had no idea I was so tired. Headache is going away. My muscles don't feel as tensed up either. Amazing what sleep and rest can do for you.

And I have been reading trying to be quiet, and calm at night. Although I will admit to watching the NCAA women's basket ball tournament. I want to be member of the Tenn. Volunteers women's Basket ball team. Although I am too short, I would be even willing to be the one that goes around wiping the sweat up off the floor. Amazing.

And I had Kate's ball game last night. But I do enjoy being at the ball field and cheering for my girls. At one point I yelled out "Way to stop that ball. Way to go." The girl playing third base was really good at stopping the ball, she just didn't know what to do with it afterward. Well one of the parents looked up at me like I was crazy. And I told the parent, you know you got to affirm them for even trying and learning to play the sports. And then his tone changed and he said that was true. I then started hearing parents cheering the kids for trying at playing. So many on this team, have never played before, and don't know what you do. But they are trying. They lost big time, the other team ran up the score. Oh well, but Kate was a little upset about it, and so we had to talk about it. She told me she needed to practice more, and that I had to get out there and practice with her. So I guess I'll be practicing ball also. But I don't mind, I love playing ball.

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The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

Teaching other parents is a good thing! Sometimes winning is not the most important lesson learned.

When the SportsQueen was playing basketball in 4th grade, she had 4 fouls at the end of the game. Up to that point, she had played "polite" basketball. She finally got with it. When I said, "Let's go get ice cream." She said, "But we lost." "Yeah, but you played well." "I had 4 fouls. I almost got out on fouls." "The way I see it, you had one left you didn't use. You finally got out there and played. I think 4 fouls gets ice cream."

Reward the behavior you want repeated. Which, for us, was not fouls but playing with engagement