Sunday, May 21, 2006

A technological melt down

This morning was homecoming at my little church, Almond UMC. They asked me to preach since this is the last homecoming I will have with them as their Pastor.
Unfortunately, our computers, network, and printer were not cooperating. I tried to print my sermon from the laptop in the office. Usually I have no problems. But this morning, the printer decided it would not print. So then I tried accessing the sermon through the network, but the network would not let me get in. Then I tried sending it by email from the laptop to the other computer, well Yahoo wasn't going to upload it to send it. So I tried AOL, and it wouldn't do it either. I guess the only thing I didn't try was putting it on disk and taking that over to the other computer, but I ran out of time. So I took my laptop, and preached my sermon off my laptop. I think it went pretty good.

The other thing that happened was the sound system quit working. We thought at first it was the batteries, but it wasn't. Then Bob came up unplugged, replugged, unwired, rewired but nothing happened. He finally decided that reciever wasn't working. So I ended up yelling at them, and they liked that. They think preaching isn't preaching if the preacher isn't yelling. I on the other hand ended up with a sore throat.

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peripateticpolarbear said...

I think preaching off a laptop makes you uber modern/