Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hump Day Prayer

Lord, it is Wednesday, the middle of the week, hump day.
Thanks for your presence this morning as we got our children ready for day care. Thanks for your presence this day when I am feeling tired, have body aches, and really want to go back to bed. Thanks for your presence as we continue packing, working, cleaning, and being on this day.

Lord, I confess to you that I did not think about nor pray for the victims of the earthquake in Indonesia or any other world problems that so many face. Forgive me for my self centeredness, my blinders I put on to problems in the world, and my nonchalant attitude I have sometimes. I like so many others are facing compassion fatigue. I do care God, but I am not sure I want to dig down any deeper to show that care either financially or physically. God it just feels like too much. I have to tell you I am worried about us financially with Bob not working. I guess I don't trust you that if I reach into our pockets and give to you for these crisis situations that you will watch over us. Forgive me.

Lord for so many that face the day hungry, wearing the same clothes they have worn for eons, no bath for days, shoes that have holes in the bottom of them, sores on them, no job, no possibility of a job, mental and emotional problems, I pray. For those who go to work today feeling empty, lonely, unloved, depressed, burned out, overwhelmed, I pray. For those who are feeling desparate in life, despair, grief, I pray. For those who may hear they have no job, their spouse has just left them, or filed for divorce, for those who parents kicked them out of the house, for those who children have one more time disappointed them, I pray. For those facing prison, those in prison, those who have been in prison, and those who put themselves in a prison of their own making, I pray. For those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, spending disorders, compulsions, gambling disorders, sexual addictions, I pray. For those who have been hit, beaten, spat on, called names, raped, slapped, bound, thrown, pushed, shoved, sexually abused, abused in any way, or who have done these things, I pray. Lord for all these people and more I pray.

Lord for those who are spiritually hungry, seeking something more in their life, those who are tired of the church and its problems, for hurting ministers, doubters, clingers-on, I pray. For my Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I pray. For my collegues, male and female, I pray.

Well, this could go on and on God. Some of these people have names and faces to me; but all them have names and faces to you, they are your children. God, they are your children just as I am your child. We all are in need of your presence, your love, your grace, your forgiveness, you healing touch, your power in our lives. I place myself in your hands, to do no longer what I can do on my own. Do with me what thou will. Say the word God. Your servant is listening....


SingingOwl said...

Oh, could I relate to this prayer. So I prayed it with you as I read. Thank you.

Sophia said...

Thank you for this prayer. It was just what I needed to hear. Especially the line about not trusting God to provide if you're generous - ouch - that one hit me. I told my husband about it and he said "I think we're headed to the Gulf Coast, aren't we?"

Yes, I need to work on trusting God and having some perspective on how blessed I am. Thank you for reminding me.