Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh no, Tuesday starts the work week

I always struggle with work weeks that start on Tuesday, so I thought I would post a prayer hoping it would help me to have a better start. So here it is. If you struggle to, I hope some of it helps you too.

Dear God,
As I begin this work week on a Tuesday, I am mindful of you, your grace and your love. I think of other times that the work week began on Tuesday and I was so overwhelmed with so much to do, so many people to see, that I didn’t know which way to turn. So many times I either just turned or went helter-skelter, or I sat frozen. Lord, what I didn’t do was turn to you.

So I am turning to you now to look into your wonderful face Jesus, to accept your grace and love pouring down like rain on me, my family, and friends. I pray for your wisdom to know which way to turn, what to do, and who to minister to. I ask for energy, and strength to do the hard thing, to see the hard person for me to see.

But God, I know this is a silly request; would you just wave your hand and pack our boxes for us? No. Well, then help me keep on doing the task at hand which is to pack for the move, deep clean the house, and still minister.

And God this is the last week of preparation before Vacation Bible School next week. There is still a lot to do, help all to do their part to make ready for it. God I pray for our teachers and leaders that we show the kids your love and mercy and who Jesus is. God I pray for the kids to come, those who don’t have much, those who are of another color, those who don’t go to church, those who do go to church, those who do have much, all your children who are to come, may they have a good time, may they meet you here, may they want to know you more.
God you know the rules in this town of separation of color, you know though we have opened our doors to be welcoming to all. Protect us from the evil one who would seek to stir up trouble for us for opening our doors to all. Give us strength, patience, and love in this time. Help us to see you in each child. Teach us as well about you during this time. Lord I pray for the day when the walls come down as they did so long ago in Jericho, that all are welcomed into churches everywhere, and not hindered by me or anyone else.

I pray for my friends wherever they are, whatever task is at hand for them that they experience the holy in all they do. God I pray for these wonderful people I am leaving, may they continue to follow and serve you. God I pray for the people I am going to serve that they too follow and serve you. God I pray for Martha who is coming here to serve you, prepare you spiritually for the task ahead. And God I pray for my other clergy friends, their families and their churches, who are making moves this time of year as well.

And God this is a long prayer and short week as well with Conference coming up, keep my eyes on you. I didn’t mean this to be so full of requests God, so let me now take time to be quiet and listen to you.

I love you God,

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Susan said...

Abi, thanks for your kind words. I'll give you my vote for the preschool graduation.