Saturday, May 20, 2006 is a great place to order your stoles, other clerical wear, and liturgical items. J. Philip Cox-Johnson is the main artist and owner was at the Festival of Homilectics with some of their stoles, banners, and paraments. They even had the banners on display during worship. Beautiful work. Nice guy. He has designed and made a stole celebrating the 50th year of the Ordination of Women in the UMC. It is just beautiful. I want one real bad. He was out of them at the Festival, and were just getting some in to do the finishing touches to them. I was impressed that COSGROW of North Georgia was buying them for the new ordinands this year. He has a discount on them as well. He goes to a lot of conferences and has them listed on his website. He told me he would be in Bham for the Presb. conference, and would have some there. Oh well, 2 hours away. I think I will email him and order me one. Here is a picture of the stole.


Songbird said...

But does he make shorter stoles for those of us who are vertically challenged clergywomen? :-)

revabi said...

Oh my, I didn't ask him, go figure, I know most stoles are made too long for me. But he told me I could contact him anytime. Most of the stoles are handmade, so I imagine he could. I will send him and email to see if that is possible.

revabi said...

Several of you asked about whether Gospel Colors made shorter stoles. Here is Phillip's answer:

Yes, we will be making several different size variations for
folks .... generally the "basic" stole length works for folks as
short as 5'6" - 5'10" but we can both shorten and lengthen as folks need. When placing an order please let me know height of person
planing to wear the stole.


the reverend mommy said...

Hmm... how about people who are five foot one inch?