Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Post for the RevGalBlogPals

Today I had the privilege to have lunch with the RGBPs, we were able to find each other via cell phone. There are too many people here. What a wonderful lunch with wonderful women.
St. Casserole has a plan for us RGBPs in the deep south. Rev mommy was busy networking to make things happen. Songbird was singing some beautiful words. Stacey was quiet the entertainer. What a joy to be part of these group of women. Ya'll sure did miss it. On top of that the speakers today were just over the top especially the women. Anna Carter Florence gave a great sermon and a great lecture. Barbara McBride-Smith was very down to earth in telling the Biblical stories.

I have been thinking about doing this, but today felt inspired to do so. This is the first edition. So you may want to change it or add to it. Tell me what you think.

You can go to this link to make your own book for dummies or newbies.


Iris Godfrey said...

Just want to thank you for your kind words on my comment last week on the "woman" thing. You encourage me.

This sounds like a wonderful luncheon. I am not a Rev. so would not qualify for such a luncheon, but I was the guest preacher at my church's 3 Mother's Day services. If you are interested, that sermon is on the web at It is in audio form.

I enjoy your bogs.

Bless you for all you do.

revabi said...

Dear Iris, You would more than qualify. Members of the RevGalBlogPals are female and male, Pastor, and laity alike.
And you are someone I would love to have lunch with. I am going to look at your sermon. keep up the work of God.

the reverend mommy said...

OK, I like it.

revabi said...

Hey Glad you like it.
Now this is not the book I was talking about today, but it could work don't you think?